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About Us

Milad Gold, whose foundations were laid in 2000 within the body of Mirzaoğlu Group, continues its story that started with exports in the first years of its establishment, at the point where the heart of gold and jewelery beats, where one-to-one communication with its customers is established with 5-store design store in Nuruosmaniye.

Milad Gold, which has shown a steady growth and development with the same enthusiasm and belief from the beginning to the present, has not deviated from its roadmap, while taking firm steps towards the future with the aim of becoming a world brand, its strength from its creative and innovative team.

Milad Gold, which has a strong place in the sector in terms of both production and design, creates designs that will accompany every moment of life by combining modern lines with traditional values. Milad Gold, which never compromises on the principle of combining aesthetics and elegance with quality workmanship, gains the brand reliability, which is one of the most emphasized values, not limiting it to design and production processes, but with the principle of maintaining communication with its customers, with after-sales support.

Milad Gold, which has proven its potential to become an international brand in the light of its experiences so far, by expanding abroad and giving a clue about its potential with its concept store in Dubai, where it offers unique examples of Turkish jewelery designs, and continues its activities with enthusiasm and determination with the aim of becoming one of the leading brands of the sector in the next 5 years.

“The real value of gold is hidden in its new form, brought to life with masterful touches that make it demineralized.”

-Milad Gold-

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